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In 1987 Moore sold the name Skid Row to the American heavy metal band for $35,000.
Sebastian Bach: "When (Skid Row) got signed to Atlantic, Gary Moore heard about it and said we could have the name for $35,000 U.S. dollars. 'We have to pay Gary Moore 35 grand to use the name,' and so we, as a band, did buy the name from Gary Moore. We were all glad to do it because it is a great name for a band. I remember saying, 'Wow, that's a lot of $, but we gotta do it!'"

That's interesting - I never heard about that until now. Common knowledge was that Brush Shiels, Skid Row's bass player in the 70s, sued the American band claiming the name unsuccesfully. I never knew that Moore was involved. I thought the name belonged to Brush Shiels. Might be a matter of bad editing on wikipedia though?

As for the Black Country band name... I think this will have been sorted out when the band is being officially announced Or - as Todd suggests - Glenn & Co. can still call the band Black Cloud, or even Black Country Side - an excellent band called Black Mountain is already out there, you know...


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