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Black Country makes me think of Big Country on the one hand, but it also makes me wonder what Glenn meant when he said the band name was appropriate for the group? I suppose they could call themselves Black Cloud, which would be kind of a reference to Glenn's days with Trapeze...but any turn of bad luck with the group would then be attributed to their name. LOL

As for the similar band name/album comments...forty years ago Gary Moore was in the band Skid Row, a power trio out of Ireland. The band recorded three albums which can still be found on CD without too much fuss. And then a decade and a half later comes this band featuring Sebastian Bach called Skid Row...

There was a Canadian death metal band called Slaughter which released a few albums well before anyone had ever heard of a hair band called Slaughter named after its helium-voiced singer Mark Slaughter...

Then there are similar band names like The Faces and the Small Faces...The Who and The Guess Who...Whitesnake, White Tiger and White Wolf...Iron Maiden and Iron Butterfly...Skeleton Witch, Axe Witch and White Witch...Black Sabbath, Black Oak Arkansas, Blackfoot, Black Stone Cherry and Black Crowes...Def Lepp and Led Zepp...ok, you get the picture I can't even remember my point now!
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