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Firstly, I'd like to apologize for not replying to your posts sooner.
After almost three months of being unemployed, I found myself a job not too far from home and I've gone from hangin' out at home playing guitar to working 10 hour long days full of hard physical work!

Thank you for all of your kindness and encouraging replies to my tunes, I really appreciate it a lot and it means more to me coming from you people than anyone else as you people here know about real music and whom it is inspired by.

Chip: Thanks for the advice - I did hang in there and something came my way which is working out well so far.

Ann: Thank you for the very kind comment!

Roger: Thanks mate - The BR-1600 is a truly amazing machine although I have yet to master it.
I'm still unsure how to do a fade out during mastering?
Had a listen to some of your stuff on your MySpace page and I'm really blown away by your style.
You have this sort of ethereal feel about your playing that just makes you listen intently while you feel like you're floating away on a cloud - really wonderful.

Christian: Thank you!
Ahh, you people have the best ears!
I was going for a cross between Southern Rock, Glenn, The Beatles and Jason Falkner in that song.

Again, thanks people - I hope to have new tunes up soon, but this new job is quite taxing on the ol' energy levels and by the time I get home, there's little time for the studio after all the chores are done.

Merry (belated) Christmas and have a Happy and Safe New Year all!
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