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Icon35 Home Demo Recording


I know I haven't been posting here very much, so much has happened in my life in recent months - I was made redundant from my job after 11 years of service, so that means I have time to sit on my arse and play around with my wonderful new toy - BOSS BR-1600 Digital Home Studio Recorder.

I'm not a professional, I have played guitar in a few bands, but now that I have this piece of technology at my disposal, it's made me think of the music thing from a different perspective - it's no longer four or five guys dragging gear around to a studio to jam, practice and write songs, it's me dragging my arse outta bed and press the little on switch and let my imagination run wild.

So please, I would love some comments, some critique and even some pointers on my song and my production - I'm still learning, there's a loooonngg way to go, anyway - here it is.

This Dusty Road - Mike Sarantos

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