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Mandatory listening! I consider this to be Glenn's "rebirth", more than say Blues or From Now On. In the latest French edition of Rock Hard, BCC is mentioned twice in the review of Europe's new album & it's no coincidence! Obviously, both band now share a producer & there are plenty of connections between Glenn & the band, but there's more to such a comparison than that! In a way, Europe have also move from Euro hard rock to something bluesier though the talent - & the name! - remain the same. Face the Truth has virtually no trace of Glenn's love of soul or funk & in if you're in a rocking mood, it's just as good if not better than Seventh Star, as the production's better & Glenn was in a happier place at the time. Granted with the notable exception of Voodoo Hill as well as some covers, ever since the end of HTP Glenn has had a tendency to stay away from this style of music & IMHO he'll never release another full album devoted to this genre. But I may be wrong! In the end, as much as I love Face the Truth, I find the song-for-song quality of Glenn's three most recent solo albums & BCC superior, so I'm not complaining! Yet a couple of decades ago, Norum was the perfect association at the right time. Tack, John!
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