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Originally Posted by Sunby View Post
As far as much 'MIE' is a productional affair and an engineering mess, imho, there is no use to remaster it. Just listen how audible are Glenn's vocal overdubs in 'Burn' and the screaming audience loop after 'Stormbringer' that goes for over half-a-minute... This is just as messy as the 1977 live MK IV Purple LP was.

Having said that (and having listened really carefully to what is available so far) - we have couple of chunks from Graz (1975 Apr 03) on 'MK III The Final Concerts', and possibly an entire Paris (1975 Apr 07), but all there is from Saaarbrucken (Apr 05) is on MIE... If you listen to 'Burn', 'Mistreated' and 'You Fool...' and catch out everything that is different from Graz and Paris things - it's clear: this gig COULD HAVE BEEN the biggest cracker of all three. And that's what should go on the official release imho. I would really give a lot for having this, since I'm a big fan of this setlist, 'Gypsy' in live taking in particular (the biggest Mk III gem forgotten by whole line-up for me). Sadly, when I asked about Saarbrucken release in DPAS - I was told that nothing about it is planned in 2010... Instead there is something in the pipe culled off the 'Made In Japan' 1972 tapes... At least ironic to my taste, how much of this can one squeeze out yet? Saarbrucken would be much much more a treat, at least for me.

So what if Glenn's vox were overdubbed on "Burn" that's still my favourite live version, and the crowd loop at the end .... who cares!! "Made In Japan" is one of the only live albums that doesn't have overdubs! You can't compare "Made In Europe" to the aweful "Last Concert In Japan",
get real!
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