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Pledging allegiance to the all mighty groove!!

You can't come up with a better intro to "Living After Midnight" soon as you hear those drums you know what is coming! Like many artists in the early 70's, Dave was saddled with a rather dull drum sound....listen to live recordings of the band and you get the full impact. I think it is in the Wilkepedia article about Dave where he is referred to as "Mister Time". He played for the song and kept the flash in his pocket. Todd is right, I never saw him as a funky drummer; Clyde that man is chrome plated FUNKY!! I am flashing on the live in the studio version of "Give It Up Or Turnit A Loose" that was recorded for the "Sex Machine" album. The album version had overdubbed applause to simulate a live in concert feel, but the "Brand New Thang" CD retrospective presents this track in its original form. Clyde and bassist Bootsy Collins lay down a groove for the ages!

Simon Kirke could be jazzy; check out his playing on the full length 18 minute version of "Time Away" which was edited down and included on Paul Kossoff's "Back Street Crawler" solo LP. On the long version, the musicians jam on a chord change feeling out the groove until the 11 minute mark where Koss suddenly strikes sonic gold and the other players settle into the hypnotic groove; John Martyn's echoplex guitar, Tetsu Yamauchi's supple bass lines and Simon's tasteful jazz stylings complement Koss's Leslie drenched melodicism.

It all begins with the groove!

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