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I love all of his work with Trapeze, especially the slower songs, "Coast to Coast", "Will Our Love End", "What is a Woman's Role", etc. But when the song called for a faster tempo, he was equally amazing, especially on "You are the Music, We're Just the Band", "Medusa", "Black Cloud", etc., some of his greatest work IMHO at faster tempos. But I hate to admit it, but there is a Chad Smith video on YouTube with Mr. Hughes playing a very sick version of "Medusa"...the drum work is simply stunning...and the drums being Pearl doesn't hurt at all!! And as usual, Mr. Hughes is awesome as well. This video changed my perception of Chad Smith for good, he is not just a prankster, he is indeed the real deal when it comes to playing and honoring legendary music.

As for the Judas Priest question, I don't really care for them at all, even with Mr. Holland on their songs. Maybe you guys could point me to some Priest songs I might like? By your replies, I see you know your drummers. I especially love captmidnite1962's comment about this legend: "Clyde that man is chrome plated FUNKY!!" Classic capt!!! The great guys and gals over at Evans Drumhead Forum enlightened me to Ian Paice's playing with Deep Purple, because all I ever associated with them was "Smoke on the Water". Little did I know I was missing out on "Fireball", "Burn", "Speed King", "When a Blind Man Cries", and the stunning "Child in Time".

Great topic toadsterama!! Prank/Leonard
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