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I discussed the theme of new DP album and upcoming tour with Don Airey (he played a great solo show in Pilsen).
1st - the album is nearly finished and its going to be released in February 2013.
2nd - they really have more tracks that fits to the album (Ian Paice said it too), but "some way" they are going to be released. They want to release all the stuff recorded during these sessions with Ezrin, but maybe later (my guess is that there will be more editions of the album with some special bonus tracks, and maybe even something like Tour Edition of Rapture was - this is not coming from Don Airey - its my guess, he just told me that everything is going to be released at some point maybe as bonus). I have to add to this, that from interview with Gert Sanner I know that they have ALL shows from latest tour recorded on multitrack and they discussed to release this live stuff as bonus for any album in future too... So we will see... There is MUCH of unreleased stuff as you can see.
3rd - I asked him about upcoming tour (because Im going to see Munich show) and he told me that no new tracks from album are going to be done on this tourleg - because of youtube. New stuff is going to be done on album tour which should start around the album release date.
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