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Lightbulb Have you played a funky/soul GH song for the "audience"

Has anyone out there turned a fan of randb/funk on to that side of GH???? Even more specific,and without sounding racist, have you played any of this type of GH for any black people????? I just love the fact that GH can cross barriers with his soul funk side... I mean the average funk/randb fan is not going to be grooving to Burn or John Norum or HTP... but they sure as heck would love any of GH's funk or soul workouts from albums such as Feel or IandP.

This bass player I work with, who is from the RandB funk side of the tracks, just dug the heck out of Sister Midnight when I played it for him after a gig last week. He could also immediately spot the Al Green, Stevie Wonder influence.... He started bouncing around like he was playing his bass. I hope to bring Incense and Peaches and Feel for him to hear the next time I see him.


YEah yeah yeah yeah yyyeeeeeeeeahhh woooooo!!!!
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