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So, I'm back from Bochum. I left in heavy rain and I returned in heavy rain and it never once stopped. Inside the venue, however, the sun was shining.

The Meet&Greet was very well organized by Richard, better than last time. It started already at 4.00 pm and Glenn seemed to be a bit more relaxed. We got to hear "Flow" and maybe 5 minutes later Glenn joined us. Instead of parading at a long table like in Hamburg 2015, we all stood together around a round table. Everybody got everything signed and one question led to another and to another story.

I managed to buy the last two copies of the tour program

I also met Jesper and we Hammond-talked a bit. A very nice, laid-back guy, hope to see him at the next tour.

Glenn confirmed that BCC will go on a cruise next year.

The gig itself was epic, I cannot find a more suitable word for it. It started at 9.20 pm and lasted for 1.40 heavenly hours. Never before have I seen Glenn in such a talkative mood. He (and we) seemed to enjoy the talking as much as the playing. The word "love" between an artist and his fans got a new meaning last night.

He said he would try to come back for a few more shows in Germany this year. Yes, please, and to Hamburg, please.

My heart was bleeding for you, Glenn, that you could not be back home in England on such an important day for you and instead played so superbly and bravely in Bochum for us. I wish you strength and peace for the private ceremony next week. By then Gabi will be at your side. I don't know which day it will be but I will think of you.

Wherever they may be floating now, Glenn's mom and dad can be proud. They have one hell of a son

P. S. A hanky in German is pronounced "tushentooch", Glenn. Try again next time

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