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Icon20 CHAT Live with GLENN - Feb. 28th 1:00pm PST/4:00pm EST/9:00pm GMT/10:00pm CET

GLENN has graciously agreed to join us once again for a LIVE CHAT on SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 28TH between
1:00PM - 3:00PM PST (4:00-6:00PM EST / 9:00-11:00PM GMT / 10:00-12:00AM CET).

He'll be here to answer your questions LIVE

If you know you can't make it on the day or you're unable to connect... you can email us your questions to, so we can pass them on for GLENN to answer.

A transcript will be made available for later viewing should you be unable to make it.

Many thanks to both GLENN & GABI for agreeing to what will be another very enjoyable couple of hours.

On the day, you'll see the CHAT window on top of the Fan Forum pages. If you are a Registered Member and have posted at least 1 message to the Fan Forum community, you can join in straight away, if not, you'll need to Register and post at least 1 message to the Fan Forum community. You'll find a timezone reference, in case you're not sure of the equivalent time where you're located, on the main Fan CHAT page.

Please try and arrive on time, as we finish promptly at 3:00pm (PST) / 6:00pm (EST) / 11:00pm (GMT) / 12:00am (CET)

We have recently introduced a new CHAT program.

As you see from the screenshot, it will be prominently displayed on top of the main Fan Forum home page, so no excuses for not seeing it You will need to be a Registered Member of the Fan Forum and logged in and have posted at least 1 message to the Fan Forum community, should you want to join in and participate, otherwise you'll be in view only mode!!

See a brief demo video below (excuse the small size) will explain everything you'll need to know. If you don't have time...just know, that as long as you're logged in and have posted at least 1 message to the Fan Forum community, you'll easily be able to join in and if viewing as a guest (lurker), you'll only be able to view what is being said! Ignore the date mentioned towards the end, it's from a while ago!!
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