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Joe B I have followed since around 2005 so it's a bit like the feeling I had when Glenn joined DP from Trapeze. Yeah that good! Joe is not a mere shredder but a Feel man. Listen if you will to the complete songwriting ability on the Ballad of John Henry. As wolfy said, bringing strings into a blues song signals confidence:-
YouTube- Joe Bonamassa - Ballad of John Henry

and then compare that with the epic guitar fest, Pain and Sorrow

YouTube- Joe Bonamassa Band @ Tangier, Pain And Sorrow - Part A

It's like listening to two different players.

Totally agree with Forever Young and David here. No point in dragging a name to sell a few t shirts. It's about producing something new and relevant.

...and don't forget that Joe was inspired to play by the likes of Purple Mark Three and Four and Zeppelin so I am guessing that will mean that blues is not the only genre up his sleeve. Classical? Folk? Soul? Who knows?
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