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Originally Posted by Keith Thompson
Well according to Classic Rock you and Paicey were voted as in the top rock drummers of all time, soulmover (as if we didn''t know already). So that would be some tin hittin' party that's for sure! Now all I need is a cheap flight from Manchester to NY......

I know the feelin'. cheap flights are a myth, i dont actually believe they exist! I wrote cheques totalling over £2500 yesterday for a house for my third year at uni, and consequently, have no money for anything else! Its so depressing. The only thing i have to look forward to is the Meltdown festival, then its a summer of work, followed by a year writing more essays, and a dissertation of over 10000 words. why did i go to uni? why?
Any UK drum clinics in the pipeline? like the ones with Steve White?
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