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Originally Posted by David View Post
These recordings are done utilizing the audio equipment provided by each venue, so there is no guaranteed baseline we can expect or currently offer. As Glenn has stated in various interviews before and during the current shows, these are "warts and all" recordings. They are not mixed or enhanced at all. In future, we will take on board your comments and make it clearer what to expect.

As a reminder, at some point next year, there is planned a fully enhanced documentary style DVD/Blu-ray/CD release to be made available, which encompasses various aspects of this global tour. Meantime, Glenn wanted to offer these soundboard recordings.

Thanks again for your feedback.


I hope they offer the Iridium shows in N.Y. (April 2019) and in lossless form for download as they're known to produce high quality recordings there.

As for the planned Blu-ray/CD release... a documentary style would be cool but I hope they find a way to have all the songs in the set included and uncut, the show is so phenomenal that it would be a shame if they weren't.
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