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Originally Posted by bluebassman View Post
Thanks Yvonne! First Sign of Madness is a wonderful B-side !
Every song from Now What?! has the element for great live jamming !
Truthfully, I'd love to see Purple just do a tour of only Now What?!
I can dream, can't I ?

Blue, I'm afraid you'll have to wait a bit till Purple goes on tour again on your side of the pond:

Ray Shasho: Ian thank you for being on the call today. Deep Purple has plenty of international dates coming up are there any U.S. dates in the near future?

Ian Gillan: “I’m not sure; I haven’t seen any American dates either (All laughing). We’re flat out until Christmas. I know we’re in all kinds of places … Morocco, Iceland, all over Europe, Russia and the Eastern European countries right through to the UK, then in Japan and South America, but I don’t see any American dates.”

Here's the latest interview with Big Ian

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