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Glenn recently replied to part of my query regarding the Unreleased Warner Brothers album from the early 90's.
Glenn said something along the lines that no label will release his music.

I understand that Glenn wants to keep his body of work under control and nullify the unofficial outlets.

It appears as I write that Glenn is willing to mothball this project indefinitely without the fans hearing the finished songs which is a pity.

We have to respect Glenn's decision.

It would be great if Glenn was to recut some of these songs or release the recordings for a good cause-charity similar to what Tony Iommi and Ian Gillan's did on 'Who Cares'

I hope that I have planted a seed with Glenn and he'll find a away to satisfy his fans thirst for the rarer-hard to find recordings.

Re booting Glenn's Pink Cloud label would be gratefully received news to this end.
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