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The measure of a man...

When you fill out your profile on My Space, one of the topics is "Heroes". I didn't go for the usual suspects and I think that anyone who has read a few profiles knows who they are...I chose several teachers that I had in school. Joe Young, my history teacher in eighth grade, Gene Warasila, my tenth grade biology teacher, Ron Carol, my eleventh grade chemistry teacher and Sandra Magaril, my seventh grade English teacher. They all had one thing in common...they GAVE of themselves as teachers and they taught me valuable lessons about striving for excellence and sharing the knowledge and talent that they possessed.

It's all about GIVING...what did Glenn say..something about having to give love before you can receive it. I am also reminded about what former Boston Red Sox pitcher Bill Lee said about heroes; we should find our heroes in the bathroom mirror every morning.

And are a hero too.

Remember way back when you were playing your guitar in a band and this young kid several years junior to you used to watch you play and follow you around? Remember how you formed a band with him and took to the road...What did Glenn say...that you taught him how to live like a man and that you led him down the path to the musician that he is today. You GAVE of your self as a man and shared your talent.

I have read what musicians like Justin Hayward and John Lodge had to say about you...about your talent and your sense of humor...You carried yourself with a dignity and poise in everything you did as a musician and as a man.

I think about Chip Charlton and what a thrill it was to travel to Cannock to meet you for your birthday. I am thinking about John Hackney and how he shared his stories here on the forum about his lifelong friendship with you. And I am thinking about Paul Smith and everything he has done for you in regard to your My Space site and how his tireless work let YOU know just how many people remembered you and loved your music. You were so touched by couldn't believe that so many people still loved the music and shared their stories of how it touched their lives. I am thinking about all the people who saw you play and thought to themselves; " Yeah..I want to do that!!"

And when you were confronted with the short amount of time left on this earth you had your greatest lesson yet to teach. You didn't wallow in self pity; you surrounded yourself with friends and family and celebrated the last months of your life. You knew what an amazing life you had led and you were so thankful for everything you had experienced and achieved. I got a grin when you wrote about having the ice machine right next to your bed...I am thinking about Annette, Marcus and Lucas tonight shared your last days with your beloved family and I know that while they will miss you...they will be forever grateful to have had you as a part of their lives.

I am thinking about Sandra Magaril tonight; she died far too young of cancer yet made the trip to school every day despite her pain because she put her students first...when she was told of her prognosis, she told her class "I am going to teach you something far more important than English. I am going to teach you about how to live and how to die". She taught her students about dignity. And you taught us about dignity too.

It was Christmas four years ago about three weeks after my father had passed away. I was walking outside that night; it was clear and very cold. I gazed up at the stars and thought about my father amidst the stars...On this July night in New York City I can't see the stars but I know you are out there with your black Les Paul plugged into a Marshall stack and rocking the heavens...

I have never met you Mel...but I am honored to add you to my list of heroes...You GAVE of yourself in this life and your legacy will always burn bright.

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