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Whether or not Dave was truly guilty, I have no knowledge. What I THINK however is that he has been treated shoddily by many people in the rock industry. You only have to read the many biographies to get a taste of the things that rock musicians got up, in many cases we're talking about having sex with minors and possibly rape, although it would obviously never say the latter in the books. And that kind of stuff is recorded in a jovial, 'we were just having fun', matter of fact, it was the done thing manner in many biographies. It's well documented. I am not qualified to compare one sexual misdemeanour with another, but as I understand it, what Dave was guilty of is not so terrible compared to some of the things that I have read about and people have not been brought to book about. We're talking about perpetrators who are mega stars - much bigger than Dave. Yet in the wake of his conviction, many of these people has disassociated themselves from Dave. Oh how clean and smug they must feel. Let he who is without guilt cast the first stone. I feel sorry for Dave and I'd like to think that he will accepted back into the music industry. Out of interest, being a muso myself I used to hang out in a certain Cannock pub with the local musicians, Mel Galley and sometimes Dave included. I always found Dave to be a really nice bloke and in my mind, one of the best rock drummers of all time. He wasn't called 'Mr Time' by his bandmates in Trapeze for nothing. I wish Dave well should he or any of his close friends read this.
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