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MK4 uk shows Your honest opinions & recollections

I heard one of the Wembley shows was better than the other one which all the Press was invited to.
Leicester? Never read a review ditto Glasgow.
Liverpool as bad as people alude to?
All fascinating stuff.
The non starter 2nd MK4 album:
when I hear Tommy's 'Shake The Devil' & 'Post Toastee'
David's 'Say You Love Me' & 'Time On My Side'
Glenn's 'It's About Time' etc
Should have been a corker.
PS: Would like to hear Glenn tackle the Lead Vox on 'Dealer', live & studio.
As GH aluded to on 'Phoenix Rising' dvd.
'Live' it would be such a breath of fresh air after 'Mistreated' being in the set for so long.
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