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I want to be crystal clear here. I come to this place because I do think that Glenn's music is amazing! And I would agree that it would be ludicrous or at the very least a complete waste of time and energy to visit any site about anything that is not to one's liking.

That said, one of the cool things about these message boards is discussing the "new album" or latest show. And I don't recall anyone here bashing M4TD. I do remember some expressing that it didn't click for them at first and I think most of them came around after a few more spins. One of the things I do like about this board is the fact that there aren't a bunch of trolls or the petty pissing matches that seem to dominate other boards. What I've found here are a bunch of good people. There is indeed a good positive atmosphere here. And I think that is a reflection of Glenn and his attitude. I mean point blank this is one of the best put together sites out there.

I just hope that we can always have an honest discussion about the music. Lets face it, music is like food and some flavors aren't for some people and some are an aquired taste. And I would think that Glenn would want to know what us true fans think of his work. If he meant that he just doesn't to come hear and read a post bashing him or his work, then I totally agree with him in that regard.

We're all here because we do love your music Glenn. Your last several albums are absolute gems and are classics as far as I'm concerned. Can't wait to see what comes next!!
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