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I don't get it, I got in a big thing over on the other board about this very subject. (And I will preface what I'm about to say with the fact that you have not personally said anything negative about his music, which you made clear, so believe me, this isn't personal.) But here's my thoughts on your statement:

Why would Glenn Hughes want to hear someone come on a website devoted to him, to hear someone say negative things about his music? This isn't a democracy where he is going to take into account what anyone in the world smart enough to sign up for this forum has to say about how he runs his business. Would you tolerate it? Of course not. He's has 40 years experience creating and playing music, do you think he needs advice? LOL. I think that's ludicrous. Do you need advice from strangers on something you have devoted your life to for 40 years, crafting something that your peers think is God given and unbelieveably better than anyone else? He should take a bunch of negative criticism from people who profess to enjoy him on one hand, and on the other want to pick and choose what they like about him? It's crazy. I hope the people who are like that, some day find an artist that blows them away some time. When they do, they will not find ANYTHING bad about will just be the right music and the right artist. Songs are like children to a songwriter. You don't talk about someone's children, their creation, not in their home you don't. An artist opens himself up and that's a vulnerable feeling. If someone wants to be a critic, I guess they could do it in some other place, but how anyone could say anything negative about this music is beyond me; and how they could do it and expect it to go over well on these websites is totally beyond I say, I don't get it. If I didn't think he was the best there is, I wouldn't be wasting my time here. I would be on the website of someone else that did it for me.
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