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First off I absolutely love the last several GH records and play them constantly. My reviews have been very positive and I promote Glenn wherever I go. That said I'm a little surprised at what he said in the chat.

He doesn't want to read anything negative about his music??? What excatly does this mean? Does he want people to sugar coat things and tell him what he wants to hear? I recall some not liking M4TD and David saying that Glenn welcomes criticisim and wants reviews good or bad. That is clearly not what he said Sunday.

Look, I'm not by any means looking to get something negative going here. But there are concerns and it seems like we are to sweep them under the rug. The past couple of years Glenn has come across as secure and as strong as ever in every way. Hell, he's been an inspiration to me and for that I thank him. But now I see a different vibe creeping in here. A whole new band at a time when he was at the "best" point yet? I don't know what is up with JJ but surely we can all read between the lines. Glenn is not happy with him. When asked what he thought of JJ's album, he said I think it's good. Glenn can't heap enough praise on others even when it doesn't seem warrented and that's all he can say about JJ's album? To me there is clearly something to that.

All that said, I sincerely hope that this new band is the best yet and that we get the best GH that we've ever gotten. That is what it's all about. We all have our falling outs with people to whom we've been close. And to be fair, the reasons may be very good for the parting of ways. JJ is a great palyer and we'll miss him for sure. He is a very big part of the great GH of late. I don't think he ever got the credit he deserves and I'm not sure why.
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