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Originally Posted by gungrog View Post
Couldn't agree more. The reaction in the Black Country at the time was that Glenn had let us all down by going off to Purple and leaving Mel & Dave in the lurch. There were boycotts of Purple gigs at Wolverhampton Civic at one point, if memory serves....

Hindsight's a great thing, but if Trapeze has stayed together in '73, they might have conquered the world

Just my opinion....

Very interesting to hear that. If my memory is correct, that was exactly the point why the test concerts with the 'new' DP took place in Denmark rather than in England. Because the management was too afraid that the (very critical) British press and fans would tear the band apart.

To this day I keep wondering why Trapeze never played in my country as British bands were so popular here and there was a good market for them, especially in the seventies

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