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Originally Posted by chutsler View Post
I thought Glenn should have 'toughed-it-out' with Trapeze... I was really bummed out by his decision to join Purple... I think Trapeze would have gone on to bigger and better things... I really thought it was 'the end' for Trapeze... I was glad Mel soldiered on with the band... Hot Wire was a 'valiant' attempt to recreate the sound they had with Glenn but it was never really the same without Glenn...

Couldn't agree more. The reaction in the Black Country at the time was that Glenn had let us all down by going off to Purple and leaving Mel & Dave in the lurch. There were boycotts of Purple gigs at Wolverhampton Civic at one point, if memory serves...

Hindsight's a great thing, but if Trapeze has stayed together in '73, they might have conquered the world

Just my opinion...
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