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Hi Chris!

Well, that's interesting, I never heard of an Oklahoma recording. A few other recordings that circulate are some 1971/1972 soundboard (?) recordings. Some lists refer to it as being from Austin 1971 and Dallas 1972. While it's probably the following:
1. Trapeze - Texas Hall, Arlington, TX 1971 (about 40 minutes)
2. Trapeze - Majestic Theatre, Dallas, TX 1972 (about 70 minutes)
Both recordings have good quality.

Appearently you're missing out on some songtitles on your recording. Well, Trapeze played a couple of songs during the 1971 tour that never really made it onto LP. There are
Do You Wanna Stay, Bad Kid From School and Catching Up On You. Maybe this helps!


- Fedor
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