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Yeah, "Layla" was great...up until the point Duane Allman started wailing away with the most atrocious display of slide guitar I've ever heard. It sounds like he's trying to find a note, and never gets there. Awful.

The Phil Collins-produced albums have a few good songs. I have Behind The Sun, which I picked up on the strength of the great "Forever Man", and Journeyman had some good stuff. But the rest of Clapton's stuff, aside from his work with John Mayall and Cream, leaves me cold. Booooring...

BUT going back to Glenn's book...I'm anxious to find out what's in it. Obviously I don't know what exactly is covered, but at the moment I can tell you I'm interested in finding out about the transition in Trapeze from a 5-piece to a 3-piece...the Play Me Out sessions...the periods when he shared residences with David Bowie and Gary Moore...the dark 80's...maybe his thoughts on his own recorded vocal work...lots of stuff.
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