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110 replies - and for quite a while I have been wondering if anybody new to this thread is actually still reading through the whole of it before posting a new comment It's much easier and helps if you visit the forum more often

R E L A X, everybody

HERE'S what I posted weeks ago, and I know what I'm talking about - this is from reply no.69 fyi:

You really have to take these FORULI Editions exactly as what they are. They are collectors pieces. Every single copy. Nothing that you buy in the shops. Like Jerome said, pieces of art.
Most buyers are not even reading them! I'm not joking here. A good part of them might even turn up on eBay and at auctions again soon after the Limited Edition has sold out.

Even big UK publishers like Penguin have produced comparable Limited hand-bound Editions in the past (e.g. The Penguin Designer Classics series - I once even owned one of these - beautiful), a little cheaper though than Foruli's since Penguin are really really big (and Foruli ain't) and they own the copyright of a comprehensive back catalogue from which they can choose almost at random.

Glenn and his co-writer are probably only licensing to Foruli for this Limited Edition, and might already be shopping the book at large Publishing Houses such as Random House - one of Random House's many imprints would be my first joice as the publisher of a mass market edition of this book.

But as I said - at this point, this is all just speculation.

Another example? Here we go:

Medeski, Martin & Wood anybody? Great band. Relased 3 (three!) new albums (CDs that is) of music last year. Yes - three. You can get them for less than 5 Euros each on eBay.
There's more to this though: A Limited Edition super heavy vinyl sized Box set, containing all three albums on CDs + exclusive Bonus tracks, a Bonus Disc with live tracks and another Bonus Disc with remixes. A full-length documentary DVD about the making of the album. 2 180g vinyl discs with further unreleased material from the sessions.
For GBP 124,99! Yes. Look HERE.

I never heard anybody complain.

Also, I rarely hear complaints about VIP packages for live shows - go ahead if you want to buy them - I can be at the same show for much less and still enjoy it! Remember Glenn's meet & greet at The Robin last June? No VIP tickets needed for this. Glenn wasn't in best health, but he signed every single item he was being asked to sign, and he had every photo taken - hundreds, probably.

Again, I am absolutely certain that this Limited Edition Book is only the first run, and a Standard Edition will follow quite swiftly. And all the words will be the same. And the audio tracks will make the rounds aswell - or is anybody seriously doubting that?

Yet as long as no deal has been signed, we won't get more information or an official confirmation. Same as with tour dates until they are officially confirmed, and same as with the new band name that is only being released when its 100% trademarked.

No more coffee today


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