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Just a reminder (since there's a deadline involved) and for those that missed this Glenn Hughes Fan Forum exclusive offer earlier...

Originally Posted by David View Post
The Regular limited edition of Glenn Hughes’s book is now up on at:

It is also now up at at:

The price is incorrect on – it is currently 300, not 350 (although it will be rising to that price on publication). In the spirit of Christmas, the publishers are offering a special discount on pre-orders for members of the Glenn Hughes Fan Forum.

Anyone who orders a copy of the Regular Limited Edition directly from the publisher by emailing and quotes the code ‘Stormbringer’ will qualify for a discount and they will supply the book to them for 270 including worldwide shipping ie: a saving of 80 off the price it will be on publication.

There is a distinct possibility that they will include a special secret something in the set purely for people who order using this offer. There is no point in anybody asking them what it is though, as it would not be a secret then! This offer will expire at midnight GMT on Monday, January 18th, 2010. Books will be shipped in Summer 2010.

The publishers have not made this offer elsewhere - this is an exclusive offer ONLY for Glenn Hughes Fan Forum members,
so take advantage of it before it's too late!

The Regular Limited Edition will be hand bound in synthetic snakeskin, to match a pair of boots Glenn used to own (you can see them in the image displayed below). It will be presented in a handmade slipcase, which will also contain a 10” record pressed on top quality black 180 gsm vinyl. The record will be a six track EP of all new tracks specifically recorded for this release. One of the tracks will be a previously unreleased song by Glenn Hughes, and will be exclusive to this EP. And when they say exclusive, they mean it! This recording will not be released elsewhere for at least 20 years!! The only way to obtain it will be on the 400 black vinyl records included with the Regular Limited Edition or the 100 white vinyl records included with the Special Limited Edition.

The publishers' know there has been some speculation, so they would like to make it clear that if there is a mass market edition of the book there will be no CD with it. The ONLY way to get hold of this EP will be with the limited edition books.

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