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I think a lot of this uproar, at least my grumblings would have been avoided if there was an announcement of a definite plan to have a regular edition of the book after these special editions were gone.

When I read the post announcing the pre-order, I got stuck on the words "when and if we hear more publication details, such as a regular edition.....". All I could think about was, hey, sounds like these 500 are all that are going to be available. That thought was kick in the stomach for me. Nothing in the announcement leads one to believe that there will be more to follow.

So, here are my questions.... then I'll go away ....Is there positively a plan in place to release a regular priced edtion of this book, or is it just being thought about and that's why no one can commit to a comment?

Sounds like there is plan from David's latest post.

David I apologize for the headache you're probably getting with these comments and questions, but you have to know were doing it out of love for our boy Glenn...and you. ......

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