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Its all business, 55k grand will be raised from the sale of the 100 deluxe versions alone. profit will be probably be 30K at aleast, this will probably pay for the general release publication costs The publisher wants to cover his bet in other words.

In this day and age its no surprise that the publisher is cautious about the actual volume he will sell against his speculative outlay. The 100 will go like hot cakes and those who are looking for a normal hardback will get it but not until the 100 have been sold and the money in the publishers bank. I went to order one and they want the money now !!

We must remember its the music business, do not forget the business. Glenn is a busines man as much as a musician, I respect and understand that. His albums, gigs and books are his products, we are the customers. Its just that in this business we are also known as fans.

I have no doubt a 20 version will be available at somepoint. We pay our money and takes our choice. The fact that there is a book at all is great news we just have to wait until its finantially viable to put out to the mass market.Lets hope the 500 copies of both available versions sell quickly that way we all get what we want.

With the new "supergroup" most likley touring Europe and North America next year it promises to be something very sepicial in the GH story I am sure. This time next year the book will be 4.99 in a book store near you in paperback version. Its just a matter of time!
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