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As isssued at today's currency rate: GBP L550 = USD $899.1336

Ironically, I'm in the middle of reading:
The Card: Collectors, Con Men, and the True Story
of History's Most Desired Baseball Card

(A baseball player at the beginning of the 20th century,
Honus Wagner appeared on a small piece of cardboard which
was inserted into cigarette packs, as part of a series of players.
Through the years, this rare card has skyrocked in price.)

Think of going to a garage sale/jumble sale, and picking up
one of the twelve or so "missing" Faberge Imperial Easter Eggs
for a dollar. Or finding a Picasso at a Goodwill Industries store.


When 15 year-old kids, worldwide, walk into a music shop to buy
a guitar and a "How to Play the Guitar for Beginners" instructional
booklet, right next to it on the sheet-music rack should be a very
inexpensive copy of Glenn's book, which might proove in the long run
to be more valuable to them.

Hey kid, you wanna be a world famous rock star?
Then you really should know the high price that fame might demand.
Sometimes....fame will kill you. Ask Elvis.

........."When alternative editions are ready?"............
Sorry. But I can't quite "buy" into this prospect at this time.
This line has been used too many times already in other circumstances.
(Replace the word "edition" with the word "tour".)

This book's debut should have been acompanied by a blast
of industrial strength publicity. Not this quiet, almost secret publishing date
from this justifiably expensive and elegant publisher, with this information known
to only a few of us because of this web site. And Glenn can still walk from his
front door to the nearby TV studio to appear on Jay Leno's show for a brief
conversation about the book, followed by a spectacular GH mini-performance.
But at these prices, he would be laughed out of the building.

Also, forget about this book's debut at a Barnes & Noble, or at a Borders
book signing tour, with normal, everyday fans lined up to meet Glenn.
I feel like such a fool for actually thinking that I could enjoy seeing this type
of book debut happen.

The DELUX DELUX Edition will only be bought by speculators.
Ten copies each? Yeah, a good investment for future turnover sales.
The medium DELUX version? A hundred copies ought to do it.
The fans from Day 1? See the "alternative edition" statement. (above)

I'm usually known around here for busting chops.
(A warped sense of humor with a snappy New York attitude.)
But when I'm serious.......I'm 100% dead serious. And honest.
I'm heart-broken and upset about this situation with the autobiography.
And very angry.

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