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Originally Posted by CrazyW View Post
No one have this yet? Anyone care to write a short review? 8 more days, looking forward to it.

Not a full blown review, but certainly a disc any fan of the players involved should pick up.

Personal faves include, "The Battle for Ventura Blvd.", "Tops Off", "Death Match", "Into The Floyd" and the live bonus (depending which territory you're in) and one cover tune, "Stratus".

If you're fan of Jeff Beck, David Gilmour, and aren't familiar with Jeff's style, then again, it's worth tracking down.

No vocals here, all instrumentals. Jam fans will love it!

Chad, Ed and Jeff are on outstanding form and Kevin Chown's laid back style fits this perfectly. Look forward to the follow-up and the live release, which are already completed by all accounts. No doubt they'll see the light of day next year sometime.

In summary, go get it
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