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Originally Posted by David View Post
Some Japanese Meatbats dates recently added...

Oct. 19th - Koriyama, Japan @ Hip Shot Japan
Oct. 20th - Sendai, Japan @ Junk Box
Oct. 21st - Nagoya, Japan @ Bottom Line
Oct. 22nd - Osaka, Japan @ Bigcat
Oct. 23rd - Hiroshima, Japan @ Club Quattro
Oct. 24th - Fukuoka, Japan @ Gate's 7
Oct. 26th - Shibuya, Japan @ Shibuya O-East


And forest music, a Japanese promoter says Chad doesn't come to Japan on October because he's going to take operation on his shoulder. Kenny Aronoff comes with the band insted of Chad.

And see Chad's comment.
YouTube - Chad Smith about Japan Tour 2009
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