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Icon34 The lowdown on the hoedown...

I was in the city for most of the day yesterday and did my "recon for the Funkfest" as promised.

Firstly, the venue is on 16th Street between 9th and 10th Avenues. There is a parking garage right next door and one a block east. They are open 24/7 so the Philly Boys won't have to worry about their rides being held hostage for the night. For those of you staying in midtown because of the proximity to B.B. King's, the E train stops at 14th Street, two blocks from the Highline.

The room is on the second floor above the Western Beef supermarket and I did go upstairs to check out the room but the woman at the ticket booth wasn't having looks as though there was construction being done. As for places to eat and drink before or after the show...I did walk another block to Chelsea Piers; these are the refurbished onetime White Star Line piers from the turn of the century. I stopped into the Chelsea Brewery and had a very acceptable pint of red ale for six bucks...perused the food menu and the prices were reasonable for the area. That may be one possibility. The White Horse Tavern is just south on 10th Avenue a few blocks and The Gaslight Lounge is even closer...just throwing those out there.

We can firm this up in the next few weeks but I wanted to scope out the area before hand....walked down to the WTC site and then to Battery Park....and took Grace's suggestion and took the FREE ferry ride over to Staten Island and was cold and clear and I was whipped by the time I got back to Kew Gardens.

I am going out to see my brother and won't be here for the have fun everyone..I will have to catch the transcript later!!

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