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Icon19 I Love New York ~

Great idea, Bill
See if there's a 24-hour parking garage nearby for me.
One that hopefully doesn't hire gorillas to park your car.

"431" sounds like it's in the Hudson; let's hope that it's near West Street.
The IRT No. 1 line, at 14th (express stop) or 18th (local stop) would be the way to go.

Although 16th Street is stretching it a bit, I suppose that this location
could be considered as part of the West Village, where I'm from..........
Downing Street, between 6th Avenue (Avenue of the Americas, for the tourists, ha, ha)
and Varick. Although I'm not totally thrilled about dinner being served, during Glenn's
performance. I guess that only "The Living Room Tour" would meet all of our demands.

And I sincerely hope that with the right amount of publicity
this place will also proove to be too small to hold Glenn's New York area fans.

One step closer to---> Radio City Music Hall / Madison Square Garden.
Heh, heh, heh.

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