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I'm excited to see Glenn once again at BB Kings. The last time I had great seats right in front of Glenn, it was like he was playing in my living room! I'm also happy to hear that the same musicians will be there, they kicked ass at the last show.

I'll be coming in via train from CT, arriving mid afternoon and won't be staying over night but I hope to meet some of the fans on the message board here for the first time.

My friend Glen (also a big GH fan) & I will probably eat somewhere near BB's before the show. The last few shows I've seen there (Glenn Hughes/UFO/Derringer) I've either eaten at BB's or Chevy's which is right next door. Both places are pricey for what you get but hey it's NYC so I guess I'll have to accept the fact that I'll be forking out the cash. I'm always up for suggestions if any of you know of bar/restaurants near BB's that are reasonable and a cool place to hang for a pre show party.
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