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Originally Posted by christmas fairy
Hi, yeah im in York, until June 30th, then I go home to Hertford, as i'll be finished uni, and need to move out of my house, so Earls court will be easy to get to from home! If the UK shows had all been in june, then I might have thought about Sheffield, but such is life. I hope i'll get tickets at some point, though have just paid rent, and cant afford it at the mo! Hope everyone who wants tickets gets them! I also hope !!! get treated better than Chicks On Speed, people were really nasty to them, there was no need! anyway, enjoy Sheffield!

Thanks ! I'm sure I will, hope you get tickets to one of the Earls Court gigs. Just heard a rumour that Kaiser Chiefs might be supporting them at Sheffield aswell , but y'know what rumours are like.....
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