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Originally Posted by jan
Hi Beese,

Yep, I'm a fan club member...are you ? Didn't know whether to go to Sheffield or Manchester, but I think the outdoor venue did it for me, especially in summer ( mind you, when I saw them in Manchester in June 04 it lashed it down !!).

Hope you get yer tickets for EC, some of the fan club members who've got pre-sales tickets have been allocated seating at the back of the arena so I think you'll be ok !!

Yeah that's why I'm always a bit warey of pre-sales, but I would have thought that fanclub presales would let you get the good tickets!

getLive are going a presale tomorrow from midday, but I suspect that it'll be some section at the back going on sale (I made the mistake of buying them for a Metallica gig and being stuck with the worst seats in the house).

I really wish they'd go outside though, I don't like EC. I suspect they'll play the Isle Of Wight festival, which I've gone to every year since they brought it back, but this year the lineup looks awful so I don't think I'll go.

Well as there are 4 EC shows I should be able to get standing for one if I get them on the dot!
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