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What is in my Cd Player

1. Glenn Hughes-Building the Machine
2. Billy Sheehan-Compression
3. Mr Big-Actual Size
4. Big Wreck-The Pleasure and the Greed
5. Ark-Burn the Sun
6. Rob Lamothe-Wishing Well Motel
7. Rob Lamothe-Steering With My Knee
8. John Waite- Figure in a Landscape
9. John Mayer-
10.Joe Lynn Turner-Slam

Rob Lamothe, for those unfortunate souls who have not heard his voice is probably one of the few singers who can be mentioned in the same breathe as Glenn when it comes to talent, though their styles are opposite ends of the spectrum. The closest I can compare Rob to is Paul Rodgers and that's nothing to shake a stick at. Do yourself a favor and check him out. He does have a website with mp3s.
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