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John "Rabbit" Bundrick.....if you were to ever get a complete list of all the session work he has done it would be staggering in its breadth. It was Rabbit's full plate of session work that was one of the reasons that the tentative plans for the follow up album to Heartbreaker never came to pass. I think it was Simon Kirke who remarked something to the effect that Rabbit would just wither up and die if he couldn't pursue his muse....Koss loved having Rabbit in Free; the addition of his keys filled in a lot of frequencies and Rabbit certainly brought some strong tunes to the table such as "Muddy Water" and especially "Common Mortal Man".

And Rabbit also was able to conquer a crippling alcohol addiction in the mid 90's. He tells a story of how John Entwistle told him how much The Ox admired him for being able to beat his addiction....and that Entwistle wished that he was able to do the same...Rabbit made an entire CD of songs that was inspired by John Entwistle and his web site has a lot of archival material for sale.

But back to Trapeze......

Terry Rowley does get a "Thank You" in the credits...I assumed that to mean that he played keys on the record.

Oh yes, one other thing.....Crawler was a dynamite live band too....I have a live CD they did....great stuff!!

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