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Favourite albums :
Glenn Hughes : M4TD + Soul mover + SITKOR
All the Whitesnake stuff but especially the new "Live in the shadow of the blues" (I'm addicted to the new studio track "If you want me"...). I attended the Munich acoustic set and signing session...and I'm still in a state of shock !!!
DP : MKIII & IV (especially Come taste the band )
The Answer : Rise

Favourite DVDs :
Whitesnake live in the still of the night
DC Starkers in Tokyo
DC Acoustic set Stockholm 02/12/06 (home made DVD...)
DP California Jam
Rainbow Munich 77
Dio Holy diver live
+ I'm desperately seaking for Glenn's Soulfully live DVD...

My concerts of the year :
Glenn Hughes in Dudley
Whitesnake in Toulouse, Birmingham and Munich
Dio in Copenhagen
The Who in Monte Carlo
DP in Monte Carlo and Nice
The Rolling Stones in Nice

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