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Hands down it's Toto's Falling In Between. That was the best concert of the year as well. I still pull out the album and get blown away by it every time. It's the only album I've ever bought that I had on endless replay without replacing it in the CD player. It's not the greatest album of all time like Toto, but I also enjoy Whitesnake's Restless Heart a lot. I finally just got the Japan version off of EBay, having downloaded the album before. Which, thinking about it, I should have just bought it new , since I'll blow hundreds and thousands on stupid trips so what's 40 bucks for a CD I'm going to play over and over again? The Japan tracks on this are very good and you get three of them so it's worth it. I love putting this CD on the way to gigs as Coverdale's singing in a lower pitch so I can get warmed up before the gig.

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