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Jorn's Best

I have to throw my two cents in here, as I have all of Jorn's stuff....
I would have to agree Ark- Burn The Sun is a phenomenal disc.
I have really never heard anything like it before.
Just incredible innovative music...
I also enjoy both Snakes discs, however Once Bitten, although bluesy is a bit generic.
I really love the first Vagabond disc. It took a few spins to get used to at first, but it really is a great album. I think Ronni Le Tekro is a highly under-rated guitarist. I think that the Vagabond s/t disc has some really catchy pop/rock songs. Although somewhat hard to find, I would really recommend that.
Also I like the Millenium disc, Hourglass. As much as Jorn sounds like DC on The Snakes discs, he sounds like 1987 era DC on Hourglass. The title track Hourglass IS Judgement Day by Whitesnake.....Coverdale should be getting a royalty for that one...
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