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Been a long time gone ...

My brother Paul has been a serious H&T / DP III and IV / GH fan since his teens and yet was never able to accompany me to any gigs in the past, though he was blown away by PAL at around the age of 16. I told him some months ago that he had to see GH live before it was too late, especially on this particular upcoming UK tour, and was about to buy him and his wife tickets for a gig when he decided to surprise me with a ticket too.

I never expected to see GH live again. So much love and passion for almost all of his music over many years, and that will stand until the end of my time, but listening to the likes of 'Into the Void' and 'You Keep On Movin' on the Burning Japan Live album will always stir my soul - 'hello dude.' Cancer surgery, chemotherapy, and soon radiotherapy treatment have almost taken my passion for music; they've certainly taken my strength.

In our teens, for Paul it was most definitely the 'Burn' album. For me, even though 'Mistreated' will resonate with me always, it was 'Come Taste The Band.' My first gigs were with my brother, and the upcoming one will be the ultimate for us both.

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