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I've been a huge Glenn fan for about one year now (of course, prior to that, I appreciated his voice in Purple & Sabbath). On whim, I bought "Building the Machine", was totally blown away, and the rest is history!

With that said, I literally JUST picked up "Play Me Out" 2 weeks ago, and am SHOCKED at how awesome this record is! I say shocked because I find "Feel" to be his weakest effort (still a strong record, I just the rest much more) and all of the reviews said that "Feel" was to be a throwback to the "Play Me Out" style. Well perhaps it is, but it doesn't pack the punch that Play Me does! I love the fast, heavy-funky basslines, the vocals, everything! Awesome record!!

Now I'm going to have to find the "Four on teh Floor" thing that I see people here talking about!
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