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Icon33 Captain's Log; Star Date 04/06/07

My adventure began at the ungodly hour of 3:30 Monday morning. I crawl out of bed after a broken six hours sleep..a bit excited perhaps? Climb into the Beastette (my 1986 Ford Escort) and hit the highway for the 2 hour drive from Harrisonburg to Vienna VA and the Metro station. Grab the Metro and get to Union Station with fifteen minutes to spare, and climb on the Amtrak Metroliner headed for NYC. The weather was clear in VA but as I get into NJ it starts raining rather steadily and I am sitting there thinking; "You could have brought a jacket with you...but NOOOOO!!!" I roll into Penn Station at about 11 and hop on the Long Island Railroad which puts me in my hometown of Baldwin at about 11:45.

I was thinking about Conchita and did what any New Yorker would do first thing after being away for a few years...on to the diner!! And what a coincidence that the Coach Diner is right across the street from the train station I had a few hours to burn until my brother got off from work at 3 so I hurry over to the CVS to get an umbrella getting soaked in the process. I walk around Baldwin feeling more and more like Rip Van has changed so much over the years! I meet Pete and we hop the train back into NYC.

After living in the sticks for the last 18 months, the bustle and rush is a tonic for me....though it drives Pete nuts! We walk to Ben's unaware that Frank and Co. had just left. We wait for a while and grab something to eat...then walk to B.B. Kings. I don't see any GHCP's in the line but I do get a kick out of listening to people talk about past times they saw Glenn and what songs he will play. It was a riot; they were hoping for Black Sabbath and Trapeze tunes and I am standing with a smile thinking; "Ah, if you only knew..."

Once inside, I find everyone; David and Shirean, Kenny and Carolyn, Frank and Maggie, Ben and Jane, Grace, Wolfy, The Philly Boys, Vinnis, Scottscars.....My brother and I are near the back of the room which suited me just fine as standing at the stage front means you get the amps right in your ears and the vocals tend to get lost. I didn't take a lot of pictures either; I wanted to fully enjoy the event and not spend the evening watching the show through the viewfinder of my camera! I get to chat briefly with everyone before Danny Johnson starts his set. Though somewhat lacking as a singer, Danny Johnson is a fine guitarist and he goes over reasonably well, better than in LA or so I am told. 9:30 heralds the Main Event...

Big Daddy In The Big Apple

Glenn is looking through the windshield and not the rear view mirror as he opens with three new songs before saluting Purple with "Mistreated" The set list was killer in my book; just a quartet of Purple tunes and heavy on the last two CD's!! And he performed for almost two hours.

They call him the "Voice Of Rock" but I think that THE VOICE says it all. Glenn was psyched about playing in NY and he was just amazing; he definitely gave 150 % that night and his voice was miked high in the mix, he was definitely strutting his stuff!! I saw Jeff Kollman play with Glenn at the Hard Rock hotel in Orlando 4 years ago but this was hardly the same guitarist I remember...Jeff was ten feet tall and burning like a house on fire at B.B. Kings!! I was totally slackjawed listening to him!

Steve Stevens worked the engine room and Ed Roth was the man of many colors on the keys.....I will never forget this show!!

After the triumph of a show rumbles
to an end...

Glenn Hughes, 5 Bass Amp, 0

I catch up to everyone for the post show meet and greet and get to share more good times...just wish we had more time to spend together!! Frank, Maggie, Wolfy and I head out into the streets and walk back to Frank's hotel. And a huge "THANK YOU!!" to Frank and Maggie for letting me grab 4 hours' sleep on their couch; it was the difference between getting home in one piece and driving my car into someone's living room !!

I walk down to Penn Station at 6 a.m. and board the train back to Washington D.C. and get back to my place at about 3 p.m. feeling a bit fuzzy but elated at seeing Glenn and catching up to the GHCP Family!!

Let's get together again soon....but hold the oysters, OK ??

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