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Hi Wolfy

Wot? anuvver 'oliday,as us Londoners would say
No offence to Wales but it'll have to go some to be as 'flamboyant' as Times Square at 1am!!!!!

What a great story (& all true,I hasten to add) you've relayed there & I can only reiterate the feeling of excitement you've put across in your report

I’d tell you how great the food and service was – but it wasn’t! Then the other Brits, Ben and his lovely partner Jayne, arrived We left for BB’s as we had decided to eat there.

I got the feeling that all was not well when we arrived - I think Frank only had 3 plates in front of him

Believe it or not but Ben’s food you see in the pic was a starter not a main course

I hasten to add I did not finish it ( actually from your photo,I'm glad I didn't ).

Ben, make sure Jayne gets that Yorkshire Pudding technique mastered and a new tray to cook them in!

Iraq War,then Masterchef.....yes it was all covered that night! Does that mean I have to wash up the old tray now/?!!

Here are a couple of my photos from the night as well:
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