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Tino Costan
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Originally posted by Shirl:

Welcome aboard, Tino.

Checked out the site but we have limited access at work (no music), so I will listen when I get home. Your 'no thanx to' comments are original, if nothing else!
Ciao Shirl,
I hope you like somethin' else!
The stootoomusic was created by me an' Dany for being a kind of pop music, I don't know if this can be appreciated in this forum!
If Stootootruck were continues to exist, music would have been hardened, ours it was only a stratagem to attract the attention of the major labels, but at those times in Italy, the situation was truly disastrous!

Translate: Kisses from Rome!

Tino Costan

...I'm a man made of muscle an' blood!
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