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Icon34 Queen's Jubilee Gig Review

No sadly I am not talking about Queen featuring Glenn Hughes on Bass and vocals although I am pretty damn sure that would be one cracking combination.

I am talking about the Queen of England's Jubilee gig. Gary Barlow who, for non UK members, is the leader of a major English boy band called Take That - see NKOTHB or WGAS (Who Gives a ****). For some odd reason Barlow, like Ken Barlow from Coronation Street, has become a national institution. I prefer Ken humming La Traviata myself but hey, 'Sir' Gary played safe and assembled a veritable line up of the great and the good from Stevie Wonder to an in form Paul McCartney.

Thankfully the international heavyweights didn't let us down with Stevie Wonder taking the plaudits for a near faultless set. I say 'near faultless' as a roadie actually passed Will I Am a mic! I do like the Black Eyed Peas, so it actually hurts me to say that Will I Am cannot sing live. Or maybe he could if he rehearsed. But if you spend less time singing and more air time judging talent shows, you kind a lose it you know? I think Prince Will would have done better.

A word for Grace Jones. Wow scary man. Has anyone seen the Hoolahoop Set where she stands in her panties at the age of 64 whirling a ring around her waist while singing Slave to the Rhythm? Look it up on You Tube if you haven't. But do fast forward past the bit where the cameraman focuses in on the veins. Or at least don't play it if you are eating spaghetti. HD has its disadvantages.

Apart from that, opera, excellent animation during the otherwise formulaic Madness set and a nice anthem from old baggy eyes, Andrew Lloyd Webber assisted by the aforementioned Gary 'Ken' Barlow and it was a case of Job Done.

All we needed was a Mark 3 Reunion. More chance of Will I Am taking up the Queen vocal slot for the 2013 tour.
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